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Factory Patterns & Node.JS

One of the patterns which is very popular in Software Engineering is the Factory Pattern. This pattern is typically taught in universities using an object-oriented approach (I know I learned it with Java). Unfortunately, the object-oriented pattern doesn’t lend itself well to Javascript (in particular, Node.js). Lets consider an example and how it may be […]

Bing Maps 101

This is a continuation of my write up on mail-apps 101. Earlier, we setup a bare-bones mail compose app. Now we are going to make some more spikes, this time to get an idea of how the Bing Maps API’s work. Good-Guy-Google will let you use their Maps API without needing to register an auth […]

Mail Apps 101, a Directions app

Office 365 now (well, for a little while now) supports a new kind of app, written in user friendly Javascript. This is cool because: Add-ins (as opposed to Apps) were just really complicated and messy, requiring the use of COM among other things. Where Add-in’s were a .net/C++ hybrid, Apps are written in Javascript. This […]

Simply a better desktop

A minimalist, and long time Gentoo user, my favorite environment is Fluxbox /w Conky. Now since I’m Windows bound these days, I decided to look for a replacement to Conky. I found Rainmeter. Finding all the available set-based themes available in Rainmeter’s repository to be utterly ghastly, I decided to make my own. Behold, Simply Circles: […]

Experimenting: Apache Cassandra on Azure

I found the time to have a serious go at Cassandra. Last weekend I experimented with getting a load-balanced cluster up and running in Windows Azure. Here’s how that went. Disclaimer: I’m no expert, and this may not be the absolute best approach to Cassandra on Azure, but it worked for me :). Introduction & […]

Local Music – Plan your night from Outlook

This was an experiment to build a local-data app using ElmCity, Bing, Azure, Office 365, and ASP.Net. None of which I had any previous experience with – here’s how I made it work. What is an Office App? Add-In’s vs. Apps Office supports two kinds of developer plugins, known as Add-In’s and Apps.  Add-In’s have […]

Picmaly – Social with Self-Improvement

Social Media like facebook and twitter can keep us connected and informed, but can it make us better people, or more talented? The folks at Picmaly think so. Picmaly is a site that leverages your existing online presence with photos and gets feedback from other shutter-bugs out there. Part of the deal is that you get […]