Simply a better desktop

A minimalist, and long time Gentoo user, my favorite environment is Fluxbox /w Conky. Now since I’m Windows bound these days, I decided to look for a replacement to Conky. I found Rainmeter.

Finding all the available set-based themes available in Rainmeter’s repository to be utterly ghastly, I decided to make my own. Behold, Simply Circles:

Simply Circles Wallpaper


I feel like this offsets the Windows 8.x experience of making me feel like a 10 year old.

There is still more to come, but if this interests you, you can have it too.



  • Install Rainmeter
  • Install CoreTemp & set it to run on startup. It minimizes to the system tray, no biggie.
  • Disable the windows clock in system tray.
  • Download and run the calendar skin. Rainmeter will install and display it.
  • Extract the zip folder to “C:\Users\<you>\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins”
  • Open Rainmeter from the system tray, refresh-all, and then load all the skins (only 1 skin can be loaded per folder, so choose the right CPU).

Rainmeter Config

  • Everything will now be clustered up the top right hand corner of your desktop. Click on the widgets and drag them where you want them. You will find the circle-skins will click together to line up right.
  • For RAM, right click on circle and hit “Edit Skin” and you’ll see some config open in notepad. Update the line that looks like this Text=”Memory#CRLF#%1b / 32.0 Gb” with the amount of RAM you have. Save the file, and refresh the skin to see the updates.

Clicking anywhere on the network charts re-zeros the total up/downloaded counters. The CPU widget shows the top-running process for CPU usage. If you don’t see the CPU name or Temp, it means CoreTemp isn’t running.

I’m looking to add more later, this is an on-going geekification of my PC. Feedback is welcome!

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