Monthly Archives: July 2013

Local Music – Plan your night from Outlook

This was an experiment to build a local-data app using ElmCity, Bing, Azure, Office 365, and ASP.Net. None of which I had any previous experience with – here’s how I made it work. What is an Office App? Add-In’s vs. Apps Office supports two kinds of developer plugins, known as Add-In’s and Apps.  Add-In’s have […]

Picmaly – Social with Self-Improvement

Social Media like facebook and twitter can keep us connected and informed, but can it make us better people, or more talented? The folks at Picmaly think so. Picmaly is a site that leverages your existing online presence with photos and gets feedback from other shutter-bugs out there. Part of the deal is that you get […]

Applications of Data Science – AB Testing

An un-edited copy-pasta from an article I wrote several years ago. As mentioned at the end, I do hope to get around to writing about the null hypothesis and statistical power. So something interesting that I’ve been reading on lately and is becoming a new trend in the software lifecycle of web services, is AB Testing. AB Testing is […]

What’s in a name?

I like high fidelity audio. I have a substantial .flac music collection.