One of the patterns which is very popular in Software Engineering is the Factory Pattern. This pattern is typically taught in universities using an object-oriented approach (I know I learned it with Java). Unfortunately, the object-oriented pattern doesn’t lend itself well to Javascript (in particular, Node.js). Lets consider an example and how it may be […]

This is a continuation of my write up on mail-apps 101. Earlier, we setup a bare-bones mail compose app. Now we are going to make some more spikes, this time to get an idea of how the Bing Maps API’s work. Good-Guy-Google will let you use their Maps API without needing to register an auth […]

Office 365 now (well, for a little while now) supports a new kind of app, written in user friendly Javascript. This is cool because: Add-ins (as opposed to Apps) were just really complicated and messy, requiring the use of COM among other things. Where Add-in’s were a .net/C++ hybrid, Apps are written in Javascript. This […]

A minimalist, and long time Gentoo user, my favorite environment is Fluxbox /w Conky. Now since I’m Windows bound these days, I decided to look for a replacement to Conky. I found Rainmeter. Finding all the available set-based themes available in Rainmeter’s repository to be utterly ghastly, I decided to make my own. Behold, Simply Circles: […]

I found the time to have a serious go at Cassandra. Last weekend I experimented with getting a load-balanced cluster up and running in Windows Azure. Here’s how that went. Disclaimer: I’m no expert, and this may not be the absolute best approach to Cassandra on Azure, but it worked for me :). Introduction & […]

This was an experiment to build a local-data app using ElmCity, Bing, Azure, Office 365, and ASP.Net. None of which I had any previous experience with – here’s how I made it work. What is an Office App? Add-In’s vs. Apps Office supports two kinds of developer plugins, known as Add-In’s and Apps.  Add-In’s have […]

Social Media like facebook and twitter can keep us connected and informed, but can it make us better people, or more talented? The folks at Picmaly think so. Picmaly is a site that leverages your existing online presence with photos and gets feedback from other shutter-bugs out there. Part of the deal is that you get […]